Community Pet Registration Account


Community Group Registration

Welcome to creating your MyPetsProfile™ Building Group for your pet owning residents.

Please note:

There is no cost for PooPrints Canada registered properties.

There is no cost for PooPrints Canada registered pets

Non-PooPrints Canada Registered buildings are $99./year up to 100 registered pets

Non-PooPrints Canada Registered pets are $9.95/year per pet (Dogs & Cats)

We’re very pleased to provide a MyPetsProfile™ at no cost for all Service Animal and verified ESA (Emotional Support Animals)

Should you have any questions, please email

Thank you for choosing MyPetsProfile™ to create a Pet-friendly Private and Secure Group to communicate with your Pet Owners.

As a MyPetsProfile™ Group, you work independently with your Pet Owning Members.

You have complete Flexibility, Control and Freedom to manage the content and communication between you and your members depending on your Pet Community objectives.

Note: MyPetsProfile™ Community Network is not designed to sell or advertise products or services to pet owners.

It is however, a method to share and communicate trusted public and private pet notices, updates, rules, policies, benefits, events and more with members in your community group.

A photo-dashboard of all pets in your group helps to identify and track lost, missing or stray pets! A simple click on the photo, and you have all the pet’s information and invaluable emergency contact details.

Fill-out the following Registration to apply for your Private and Secure Pet-friendly Community Group. There will be no cost for Group Registrations not approved,

Thank you again for “MyPetsProfile™ Group application.